Finally 17 – celebrating my birthday away from home

Ahojte everyone,

today I turned 17. It is totally crazy how fast time flies – I remember hanging out with my inline skater squad when I was 7 and that is already ten years ago! Normally I celebrate my birthday with my family. We have cake, the obligatory blowing out of the candles on the cake and a small coffee celebration with my relatives.

However, this year my birthday was a bit different and a bit more difficult (making me a bit homesick) – for the first time I celebrated it alone. Not a big deal for most people, but it still was a bit of a difficult day for me. My family made sure to still make me feel happy and not forgotten. At midnight they sent me videos with congratulatory wishes. One video was all my sisters dancing to the song of “You’re the reason” from the TV show Victorious. This song was sung by the main character of the series to her sister on her birthday. This was by far the sweetest gift I have ever received!

Besides that, my family sent me a package with some smaller gifts such as a notebook and a new cup. Also, my sisters made a photo album for me with pictures of my family and I. I was feeling super happy that even though I live so far away from my family right now that they still do not forget about me.

Also, my friends prepared a small surprise for me. One of my friends, my classmate from Egypt, called me via Facebook and that was the moment where I got a bit suspicious already. But then we just were talking in the common room about easter break and then returning to my room to get my laptop. The big surprise was that the girls got me a small birthday cake with lit up candles as well as some gifts such as kiwis (because I love kiwis), chopsticks and the fairy/princess/unicorn hat. I did not really expect this surprise so this totally made my day!



“Smile like you will smile during your AP GovPol exam”


My birthday was after some stressful days such as the AP mock exams. I will write another post about the AP mock exams and the seminal readings we had as soon as I get all of my results. I already got two out of four back and I am just waiting for the last two.

Till then see you!