Spring break is over


yes, spring break is officially over. This break somehow felt so long but still so short – maybe because I am used to two weeks of spring break in Germany instead of just one?

Honestly. during spring break I did not do too much. I was planning to study at least one to two hours a day but well, I ended up procrastinating and catching up with life back in Germany.

I managed to sleep in several times, eat my favorite food and to just spend some time with my family. I was really glad to be back with my sisters and we did a lot of things together (such as playing cards and Nintendo, you never get too old for it).

Also, I managed to visit my old school and it was quite weird. I feel like I changed so much in these past months but nothing really changed at my old school. And it felt like I never left it. One of my old teachers actually thought I was still a student at the school and that I was just attending his lesson because I had a free period. It was really funny and nice to spend some time at the school I attended for years.

So yes, I had a wonderful time back in Germany. Next up we have a CES (Central European Seminar) Half Day and then three days of seminal readings. During those seminal readings, we spend some time reading through texts and then discussing them. The last time, for example, we read “The Allegory of the Cave” of Plato and one text of Rainer Maria Rilke. And then, soon we have our AP mock tests – so that means a lot of studying.

This is it for this time, I will post something again soon about seminal readings maybe or the AP mock tests.




Six busy months




Bratislava at night


Ahojte everyone,

it has been six months now since I have started school at LEAF Academy. These months have been incredibly busy so in the little free time I have had, I decided to sleep and rest a bit. However, lots of people have been asking me about how things are going, so I decided to try to post again.

This year I decided to take four APs: Biology, Statistics, Comparative Government and Politics, and German. Along those, we have some more classes such as Central European Seminar (CE), Self-discovery Seminar (SDS) and Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL). I am really enjoying all of my classes. In my CE classes, I have learned more about Central Europe, the migration crisis and academic writing in English. In EL, we are working on our own projects right now in groups and I am working on an app about politics right now. I am enjoying all the classes I have never enjoyed really before such as sciences – I might not still be the best at it, but they are definitely more fun. One of my favourite classes here is AP Comparative Government and Politics. I am really happy that I got one class where I can focus only on politics (in my old school it was a combined class with economics and sociology) and we are talking about six very interesting countries.

Besides those classes, I have also decided to participate in some extra-curricular activities. In the first term, I was part of the Debating Club and the Start-up Club. Now in the second term, I am participating in the Biology Club. Also, we have some committees and I joined the Residential Committee, the Library Committee, and the LACA Committee. In the Residential Committee, we plan activities for the students and staffulty and we have already had a Halloween party, a Christmas party, a cultural brunch, … In our school, we have a LEAF Academy Community Award (LACA), where people are able to nominate and thank each other. The people with the most nominations receive an award for their work at the end of each month.

I have been enjoying all of my classes and activities, however, I have been really busy with managing all of them. In addition, each day we have a “prep time” from 7-9pm to do our assignments and study. At first, my day always seemed to stretch really long because my school day ended kind of at 9 pm. Right now I am really happy that we have prep time because I would not study as much without it and I would not be able to catch up with everything.

A lot of things have happened in those past six months. I have volunteered at Start-up Awards and I already went to Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. We had a school hike to the High Tatras and LEAF Academy has already hosted two Open Days for future students. Poetry Slams, EL day, well-being seminars, late-night studying, etiquette dinners … I have been sick in the past few days (Slovak doctors are something I have to get used to here), but overall I have been really happy with my experience here.

In the next weeks, we will have our mock AP exams and we are getting closer with each day to the real AP exams. That means a lot of studying and revising. Even though I have been busier than ever before, I really fell in love with my school and the things I am experiencing here. I have gotten lots of opportunities to grow here and I am happy that I took the risk of moving to an unknown city. In April I will already turn 17, I cannot believe how fast time flies.

I will write another post soon after I will return from spring break.