12 days left

Who would have thought that time would pass by this fast? I remember back in January I was still doubting about my application and now – a bit more than half a year later – there are only 12 days left. 12 days until I get into a train that takes me to a new journey.

Just yesterday my mother and I booked a train ticket for Saturday 3rd in the evening to take me to Vienna. It is a night train so during my ride I have a lot of time to think about the upcoming two years. I will arrive in Vienna early in the morning and then take a bus to Bratislava’s main bus station.

Have I prepared anything beyond that? Not really. I bought some new things and tomorrow I will buy the rest of the things that I need for sure. The real question is: How do I fit two years of my life into a suitcase? Well, actually I have a really big suitcase and a small cabin luggage suitcase, my parents and I have been thinking about sending my stuff with a package as well but still there are too many things that I want to take.

Do I feel prepared? Not really either. My mind is a really huge mess right now. I am too stressed right now about what I should prepare, bring, … to actually realise that I am moving away for two years. I am really excited, nervous and jittery but I still cannot feel like everything is turning into truth – that my dreams are on their way to become the truth.

I have too many things that I still want to do here in Germany – or more like what I still want to eat. How could a German survive two years without Currywurst? Or PommDöner? I am not someone who eats them very often but when those things are not available you actually realize how much you miss them.

I will miss a lot of things. My parents, my sisters, my cat, the hedgehog living in our garden, my friends, just walking down the streets in my city, … But then I am also very excited about which new things I will get to know.

One thing I am really excited but very nervous about is dormitory life. We still do not know who our roommates are. I am afraid that maybe I will not get along with her or maybe we will argue a lot. But then we could also turn into best friends or get along very well.

There are too many things on my mind right now, I will get back soon with an update about packing my suitcases and my feelings shortly before I leave.





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